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The idea behind Womenpreneur Funding podcast started as podcast that is geared toward Women Entrepreneurs that have an idea for a business and are looking to fund their  ideas.

As I delved deeper into the space, the more I realized that it is quite impossible to isolate the funding process without addressing the whole ecosystem. And so Womenpreneur Funding Podcast built its foundation. In this space right here, we will be talking about all things Funding, Growing and Scaling. The fundamentals of funding your business, what it takes to get funding for your small business or your startup – the passion, the journey, the process of looking for the correct type of funding, the financial metrics, the processes and systems, the growth strategies- to get 1st, 2nd rounds of funding, cash flow, ROI and much much more.

Today, there are 2 broad categories of businesses. Small Business and Start-ups. Although they are wildly different in their ideas, product and the way they do business, they have essentially the same framework. Both kinds have to worry about metrics, the processes, the systems, the product, the customer service, the ROI, the funding, the networks…..wait did I just say those again? We will be talking about the basic framework and foundation that can then be fit into any kind of business to build and grow and make it profitable.

The format of the show will be as follows-

Monday- Audio Blog (we will talk about Funding strategies, systems, processes and growing and scaling your business)

Wednesday- Interview with an expert

Friday- Q&A session- Leave us a voice mail on our website and we might pick you to play on the podcast and answer your question.

I am excited! Let’s get this show on the road! I would love to hear your feedback or questions that you might have pertaining to any of the specific things I talk or write about. Please feel free to email me or contact me.

Much love!


Smita Singh



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