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Stop being a founder, start being a CEO with Todd Uterstaedt

Todd is an in-demand executive coach and works with a lot of CEO’s. He also has a podcast Founder to CEO.

Todd helps founders and co-founders prepare themselves to become CEO’s.

Bring your leadership team together.

Get a meeting system together.

  • Different types of meeting you need to have.
  • Set a policy.
  • POST- purpose, objective, structure, Time  -(where it takes place in the milestone of the project)
  • Assign different roles at the meeting.
  • As a CEO, be a facilitator
  • Parking lot flip chart

What are the skills that founders should develop to transition into CEO role?

  • Executive Presence – get good at asking the best type of powerful questions.
  • Develop processes and systems.
  • Stop doing and start leading.
  • Share the responsibility
  • People and strategy surrounded by communication.

How to find the right team and how to whet them?

  • Turn to your investors if they have anyone in the network to fill the role.
  • Use the Reverse Search on Linked In.
  • Incubators and Accelerators- network in your city.
  • Outline the knowledge, skills, competencies for the role. Be clear about
  • 30-30-30-10- evaluate behavioral, back ground check, assessment check, culture fit.

What skills should an entrepreneur have ?

  • Entrepreneurial skills- independence, limited structure, non conformity, action orientation, passion, need to achieve, risk acceptance Eckard Collage
  • How do I effectively delegate
  • How do I effectively affect the organization

If you could give a first time entrepreneur one piece of advice about funding or money, what would it be?

Pre-sell your product or service.


Lightning Round

 What trophy would you want on your mantel?

A picture of his kids with his kids.

Guilty pleasure?

Pizza and Graders Ice cream

What are you most passionate about?

Helping founders become CEO’s

What is your Productivity Hack?

Prioritize list of things to do on Evernote.

What is your Personal motto?

Never give up.

What would you do different, if you were given a chance.

Move offline business online faster.


From founder to CEO podcast 

A more beautiful question by Warren Burger

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