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Persistence and Determination : Keys to success with Lisa Winning, Founder HeTexted

Originally from Sydney, Lisa graduated from the London School of Economics before moving to New York to launch her first venture, HeTexted.
 As an advice platform, HeTexted is represented by William Morris Endeavor and has book deals with Simon and Schuster and Penguin Random House. Backed by New York Angels and 500 Startups, the company gives situation based advice.  Lisa is committed to social entrepreneurship and is on the Junior Committee of the Clinton Foundation’s Millennium Network.
HeTexted is a situation based advice platform for dating and relationships.



“Follow your heart and stick to things even if they seem unlikely” 

Lisa had no experience in tech and yet she followed her heart and with her idea landed in NY and with her persistence and reaching out and asking a lot of people for help, she built here company.

Lisa went to NY Tech meetups and talked about her idea. Built her beta product and with 36 users in beta, she gave the pre-launch story to Wall Street Journal. They scaled from 36 people to 180,000 users.

Raising Money

  • They knew that their beta product had grew and they needed money in a hurry to grow.
  • Resonating with the investors and being persistent and optimistic about the idea.
  • Hit our investors over the head with any traction that you have.
  • Engagement- how many times are the users returning.
  • Know your numbers really well.
  • Speak with passion, tell an exciting story, talk about the hardships and your vision.

Launch strategy

  • Built a lot of traction for their launch
  • Sent pre-launch story to press- national and international
  • Try to create virality around your product


Three critical steps from inception to execution

1. Getting people to test your product.

2. Seed the product before you launch- create your content and make it look busy

3. Be international in your outlook.


How important is a mentor?

Find the person that has the life that you would like to live and someone who is transparent. Sarah Blakely, Elizabeth Cutler, Alicia Syrett are role models to Lisa.

Look for women you admire and are working closely to you. Organically, keep the conversations going. When you are not executing very well, reach out and ask if they would give their feedback. Keep it organic and a real relationship.


One piece of advice about funding or money.

Look for people you really want to work with. People you would like to work with over years.


Lightning Round

What trophy would you want on your mantle?

Social Entrepreneursip

What is your guilty pleasure?

The Daily Mail

What book are you reading?

The Art of War

What is your productivity hack?

Transcedental meditation

What is your personal motto?

Just go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back and be brave

Any advice you’d had or followed

She went against the advice to Give up. Go with your heart.


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