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Be flexible around your Vision and reiterate quickly as you get feedback with Kristin Toth Smith

Kristin is the CEO of Codefellows and is an amazing woman. We talk about her journey and being a Woman in Tech and I also learnt about Wakesurfing!

She is taking long strides in the Tech field and is building a ton of positive and constructive energy for women.

Women entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this interview about pivoting your life and business and overcoming the fear of failure. Kristin inspires us to think like a CEO and build a strong team and letting them do what they do best. It is important for women to believe in themselves and have the confidence that they can do anything. Kristin shares with us some examples of Women in Tech. She encourages women to not self select out of entrepreneurship. There are a lot of enablers out there and reaching out to them will help them progress in the right direction.

Her advice to entrepreneurs is that step function wins are important but be relentless and make today better than yesterday, be vocally self critical and do something about it.

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