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Meet Smita Singh


Who is Smita Singh?

Smita Singh believes in communicating the story behind your brand.
She has a strong passion to help women business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs stand out in this crowded market with effective and creative marketing and branding strategies. 


A bit more about me

I am the gal that had a reverse culture shock when I moved from New Delhi, India to a small rural town in Pennsylvania to do my under-graduation. Yep, I can tell you stories!
I am a mom of 2 boys who are my lifeline, a wife to the most supportive husband and passionate about creative marketing and branding strategies. My goal is to look for invisible clues to help business owners shape their story powerfully across channels. 
I love coffee, am a foodie and love love love to read. Ok, secret alert...Don't tell first crush was John Grisham **blushing**
In the past, I have owned 2 brick and mortar businesses and a consulting firm. So I have actually been in the trenches and done the work. 
Having lived on three continents, Houston, TX has become my home for over 10 years now. H-Town baby!
I believe that Success is not complicated. Discipline and consistency is game changing. And "If you can dream it, you can DO it".
Mindset strategies is my fuel. You can change your life by changing your mindset. 
Speaking is my secret arsenal. I love to speak about "Empowering Women", "Your comparative advantage", "South Asian women mindset shifts and strategies" "Using social media effectively for your small business".
I started my first blog in 2007.
I am a Bold and Fearless entrepreneur 🙂

So, Why Smita Singh?

I have been there and done that. I have been through the highs and lows of owning your business and I know what it takes to do it day in and day out. 
I have spent countless hours and a ton of money learning the new marketing and social media strategy and then didn't have time or the expertise to implement them properly because I had to grow my business and needed to focus on revenue. 
I have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs who have been spinning their wheels with their marketing because they don't have the right strategy, implementation and optimization strategies. 
The biggest mistake small businesses or entrepreneurs make -  They think that marketing is a one size fits all. Or worse, they will take bits and pieces of social media or marketing efforts that is working for someone else and piece it together for their own business. Bad strategy, no results, frustration. 
It is time to strategically lay out a marketing and branding plan for you. 
Once I understand who you truly are, I will create a strategy for success by carefully formulating a well conceptualized brand message, creative marketing plan and delivery through social media and content. 
Brand development, marketing and engagement is an ecosystem that needs to be nurtured and applied based on your individual needs. You have an unfair advantage that no one else does. Why would you want to use someone else's?


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