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6 Productivity tools that I use everyday

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When I had a physical store, I was busy. Busy was quite an understatement! There was always something going on and very early I realized that if I didn't want to drown in the Tsunami of paperwork and constant putting out fires, I had to get myself organized. I carefully laid out every process, every system, every scrap of paper had a place to go. It was a crucial foundation that helped me have a life outside of a store open for 10 hours every day!


Fast forward to today, my business has grown tremendously in the past few months and I am now at a point where that time has come to put systems in place. At the store, the goal was organization but now as an online entrepreneur, I have come to learn that the goal is productivity. I finally understand why there are a plethora of productivity books!


Here are the tools that I am currently using that are helping me to be my super productive self! I have tried and tested a lot of tools and based on my process and my personality, these tools work best for me.


FYI, I am not affiliated to any of the links below, these are the tools that I use personally.


The biggest beast of all. Social Media. I have tried a lot and I mean a lot of social media automation tools. Have paid for some and have tried them out for free. We finally have a winner that is working out great for me. Drumroll please, it is MeetEdgar. I love MeetEdgar because it lets me populate my podcast tweets and posts and I can forget about it! Imagine having to remember which podcast episode or blog post you posted on social and what you have to do now...well you can do it...on an excel spreadsheet (hey I have done that before!) but this is way easier.

I use Meetedgar for Twitter, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. Yes, you can use it for Facebook groups too, I just haven't tried it yet. I love MeetEdgar and it really does make my life so much easier!





For Instagram, I just started using Schedugram. I think it is easier than using Instagram on Hootsuite (which also I have tried by the way). In Hootsuite you have to post it yourself versus Schedugram where it does it for you As you can tell, I don’t like to remember things nor add more to what I already have!





A tool for monitoring your lists and influencers on Twitter. There are two here that I have used Hootsuite and TweetDeck. Hootsuite of course is the paid version. I am now moving to Tweetdeck since I am moving away from Hootsuite altogether.

So TweetDeck or Hootsuite are both great for social listening. You can take our pick. 





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Another super effective app is IF or previously IFTT- If this then that. This is a nifty tool. You can create recipes for example, If I post on Twitter, then post it on Facebook. There are unlimited recipes you can create and it is so handy when you want to save time.

Here is a recipe that you can use- If you post on Instagram, Pin it on Pinterest.



Dropbox. Dropbox is a favorite. I have set it up where it automatically saves all the files and photos that I have on my phone. It not only gives me peace of mind, it also helps me free up space on my phone..which is an ongoing battle.



Trello is another tool that I currently use that totally helps keep me on track. I use trello boards for repetitive tasks. For example when I have to produce a podcast episodes. I have laid out all the steps on a Trello board and all I have to do is check each one off and I am done. I have numerous boards for various different projects. It helps keep me organized and all my thought together.



Evernote. I have even given quick presentations on Evernote. Outside of the notes and the other regular things evernote does.I love their Chrome extension that you can download. It helps me capture ideas ideas/web pages for later use.



These are some of the tools that I use regularly nowadays and they really help me stay on track. If you have any questions on how to use any of these efficiently, let me know and I can go in me, I have done all the research and learnt all the little quirks and shortcuts!


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