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5 Quick Facebook ad secrets that will help you build your list.

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Facebook ads are an effective way to reach your target audience. Previously, businesses and brands had to pay thousands of dollars to get in front of the audience and out of the 10 people seeing their ads there was an even smaller audience that was their intended target audience. Facebook ads can be used to do exactly the opposite. If you know the target audience for your product, facebook makes it infinitely easier to cater to that group.
A couple of essential things to keep in mind if you are just starting out with facebook ads.
Use a power editor for the ads. The power editor is what it says….it powers your ads. You can customize your ads to a science with the power editor.
Know your intended audience. Get a clear picture of your avatar, their likes, dislikes, where they hang out, what they like to eat. You can get as specific and niched as you like based on your product or offering. For example, if you are selling monogrammed baby blankets, you can target women that are pregnant or maybe those that read the Parent magazine or those that like Babycenter.
Once you have these basic things, use the following secrets to make your ads convert like crazy.
1. Facebook ads convert well when you are promoting blog posts, giveaways, challenges,mini courses, discounts, video series etc.  Don’t just promote a page for likes. Show them what you do, give them a freebie. Just asking for likes on a page may not necessarily convert into an active audience who you would later like to interact with.


2. Don’t promote sales pages instead give value. A lot of times, new people are seeing your ads. Your first interaction with them should not be a sales landing page, instead give them something of value so that they remember you as someone who helped them and not as someone who asked for a sale the first time they met you.
3. Re-targeting. Use the tracking pixels on your website or landing page and re-target the people that have clicked on your ad. If they have clicked on your ad but have not left you their email, they are interested. Maybe they are looking to see more from you. Maybe they had to leave in a rush because their child was crying in the background. Re-target those people and if they have expresses interest once, they will find the right time to come back to you when you remind them.
4. Ad copy with a Call To Action. Do not make the mistake of throwing an ad out there without clarifying what you want them to do. What is your Call to action? Be explicit and make it easy for your audience to follow your CTA.
5. Aesthetics. Use a high-quality pic or a video. Videos tend to convert more on facebook.
Extra tip: Facebook ads are also an economical way to test what works. Set up variations of the ad and see what converts better.


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