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4 Actionable Tips for Email Marketing You Should Try

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It may appear as if mobile apps, social networking sites and instant messaging capabilities are emerging dominant in terms of the best ways to reach out to, communicate with and convert Web users into a business’s loyal customers, but there’s still one powerful tool that should never be overlooked: email.


Emails remain to be indispensable tools — weapons, really — in any successful marketer’s arsenal. They are known to attract more business and close more sales than social media, and a significant number of marketers believe that email brings positive returns on their investment.


Upon discovering these, marketers must then take a closer look at their email marketing strategy and observe whether they are in the best position to fully optimize emails for their potential. If you’re eager to take your email marketing campaign up a notch, here are four key actionable tips that you should try to reap the benefits of a powerfully structured email:


  1. Understand what information your customers want to receive. Consumers will already expect that emails from businesses will contain text aiming to convince them to perform an action that would benefit the business, but this isn’t enough to motivate them to open the email. They’ll want to find something that is useful or beneficial to them, otherwise the email is sent to the Trash bin. Find a way to discover what kind of content your audience will appreciate. You can do this by using surveys or even asking the question on your social media profiles. That way, your emails will be informative, engaging, motivational, and overall, beneficial to the reader, so they’ll want to open them every time.


  1. Take time to compose an effective subject line. It’s the first thing that your target audience will see when they look through their inbox, so it better be poised to command attention, say your piece, and engage the reader all at once. Give the email a more personal feel by adding the recipient’s name to the subject line, and then keep it short (about six to 10 words in length) and clear so that the recipient will know exactly what it’s about.


  1. Consider how well your emails are being received — or not. Emails can go missing or go straight to spam folders, which means that a lot of opportunities to connect with your customers are missed. Take steps to whittle down your email list so that you can send emails to the people who regularly interact with you and opt in to your offerings. Send a different email to non-responders, say, to say hello and follow up on whether they are interested in a product or service or a newsletter. These will help ensure that your emails are getting through to the right people.


  1. Optimize your email’s ability to display well on mobile devices. People are constantly on the go and will readily perform as many of their pending tasks on their smartphones and tablets as possible if they are able, to save on time. If your email does not open well on mobile devices, or if it redirects people to an e-commerce store that is equally non-mobile responsive, then your audience will be deleting your emails and looking for products and services somewhere else. Make sure that designing for mobile is a priority in your email marketing campaign.

Keep your email marketing top notch and make sure it reflects your brand messaging. Your tribe wants to know you and your uniqueness through your emails, so make sure you are able to bring that out.

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