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3 ways to build a meaningful brand for your small business

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3 ways to build a meaningful brand


Build a meaningful brand that your customers care about and you will be able to stand out even in a competitive space.


Small business owners know the importance of loyalty and return customers. A strong, meaningful brand helps cement a relationship with the customer that keeps them coming back for more than just the products and services. More importantly, they come back to be part of the brand story.

1. Tell your story and start with why - Your business is about you. Tell you story, your why for starting the business. Build a bond with your customers and help them identify you with your brand.
Incorporate your story into your brand and that will make the business more human. Once your customers understand your why and your goals and aspirations for your business, they will build a deeper and more meaningful relationship.
Apple is a great example of a brand story. We all know Steve Jobs and what he believes in and why he started Apple. We know his story and we empathize with his hard-work and journey. Apple has done an outstanding job by weaving in the founders why and his story into their brand messaging.
2. Stay consistent- Build a meaningful brand by giving your customers an experience and stay consistent with it. The perception of your brand all the way to interaction and follow-up is an experience. Provide an unforgettable customer experience by weaving in your brand story. And make it a way of doing business so that it stays consistent.
One of the easiest and fastest way to lose credibility is by providing a "great " one time experience. That will turn away customers and in turn referrals.
Chick-fil a is a perfect example of consistency. Every chick fil-a I have ever been to (with two young kids...and I have been to one too many), has always had the same level of customer service and the same level of food quality. I now expect the same consistency in brand experience in every chick fil a i go to.
3. Stand for something and give back - Put some heart in your business. Give back to your customers by providing valuable content or for a physical location, give back to the community. Make your presence felt in a positive way by being the go to brand for information on a particular topic. Find interesting ways to solve your customers problems and that will be a guarantee their return.
Brands like Austin's Esperos donates 10% of it's sales to enable education for children in the developing countries. As a consumer, I feel like I am making a difference in the world by purchasing an Esperos tote.
A meaningful brand inspires, captivates and engages. Make these the cornerstones of your brand and with a meaningful brand you will be able to build a strong loyal customer following.

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